These are what it is all about and on any given day you can land one or all of these.


COHO Salmon: Have been coming back in the past few years and are a real TREAT to get on the end of your line.  Very fast and furious action.  Continue to grow through the summer into fall with sizes approaching 7#-13#.

CHINOOK Salmon: Also known as the "King", a "screamer", can really tear up your gear better have your arms in shape for these heavy fighters.   Known for their fierce fighting abilities, these fish can approach 30# as the season progresses.

RAINBOW Trout: Quite often part of a spring catch, these fish are known for their acrobatic abilities and grow to decent sizes through summer.  If you're good with a camera, a picture of one of these coming out of the water like a bullet is priceless.  These fish run and jump. They jump more than any other fish on the lake. Can get up to 17#

BROWN Trout: Are found mostly in the spring close to shore and throughout the season, some grow & look like a football.  Not as tuff a fighter as the Rainbow Sizes can range up to 25# . 

LAKE Trout: One of Lake Michigan's original fish.  These fish can really give your arm a workout, especially when bringing one up from the bottom. They are not as abundant as they were years ago although they are still out there.  Ranging in size from 10# to well over 20#,